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English Village is an English & Bangla medium school. We offer a full range of educational opportunities for children aged from 4 – 8 years. We have excellent facilities including, our spacious school buildings.
Learning should be fun, purposeful and challenging. Through our curriculum we aim to equip each child with the skills they need for lifelong learning. We aim to develop enthusiastic and confident learners, who take ownership of their learning and are proud of their achievements.

Noor Mohammed Harun
English village

Hello & Welcome to English Village. My name is Noor Mohammed Harun, I have achieved my MBA from Anglia Ruskin University and before that I had completed a Diploma and Higher Diploma from London College of Law and Management. Currently I am living and working in the United Kingdom. I have a dream. What is my Dream? Well, my dream is to set up such an educational establishment in our local area for our children, more specifically for our next generation so that, they can benefit from a high standard of education and sound guidelines for their future betterment. To make this happen, I have recently visited some prominent and recognized Schools, colleges and universities home and abroad, I have also talked to those people who are directly and indirectly involved in Education sectors including Teachers, professors, school directors, different professionals and so on. I also have researched and studied about our current local education systems and tried to find out why more than 90% students failed to manage appropriate courses or why students failed to achieve their goals that they desire from the childhood and the very beginning of their student life. Who or what is responsible for this failure? I also wanted to compare foreign and our local education systems. My research demonstrated that a lot of things need to be improved, In particular, Environment is one of them. Many scholars agree that an environment can make all the difference. And, I also personally believe this. Therefore, to implement my dream into reality, I must create a suitable atmosphere in which students can thrive. And for this, the initial and vitally important step, is to make a learning environment where every single resource is available – well equipped for the students. Above all, the education system should be up to the international standard and must be well equipped and supply student needs, smoothly and easily. The 2nd thing that has to be done is to put in place a proper educational plan. You know, without a plan nothing can be done successfully. Therefore, I have established a long term plan for this journey. I have a long-term plan for our children which will be a 15 years plan. Students will go through all the stages of an international education: Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary. That means those who are now at nursery level will be able to achieve their ambitions. We will teach them according to the plan and take them step by step toward upper level with inspiring teaching, guide them when it’s necessary and supervise them task by tasks, making sure our students are always in the track toward the desired destination. Hence, we will follow and review the plan from time to time in order to fulfil the mission. Finally, In a few words we could say our foremost duty is to teach, supervise and guide the students to achieve their goals and final desired destinations. So, My request to you is that Please register your child name today at Rupayaan Day Nursery and give us an opportunity to implement your dream, which coincides with my dream.

Thank you
Noor Mohammed Harun, MBA
Director, English village

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